Store Policy

 Refund/Return/Intellectual Property Policy

1. Service/Manufacturing Defect Refunds: We offer to correct any vinyl work that is service defective (i.e. incorrectly installed) for a period of 7 days beyond pickup.  ALL PROBLEMS MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF PICKUP FOR ANY CONSIDERATION BY OUR STAFF.  We stand behind the manufacturer's warranty on our products, and are more than happy to help you in filing claims for replacement with the manufacturer on the chance that your product should fail due to a defect caused by manufacturing.   We offer to correct screen printing problems if noted AT INITIAL PICKUP. Please inspect your work when picking it up. (This inspection will generally be performed with the help of a member of our staff, and should be taken seriously as it's your opportunity to check workmanship.) A problem with the artwork is NOT considered a manufacturing or service defect.  You will always receive a proof. Please inspect it carefully as it is EXACTLY what we will be printing for your job.

2. Vehicle Liability: We are NOT liable for damage/theft to vehicles left on our lot location.  Please be aware that we are not fenced.  While we will make every effort to work with you to secure your vehicle, please be aware that YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE MUST BE IN EFFECT as YOU are responsible for repairs to your vehicles should they be needed and for theft should it occur.  Our installers will of course make every effort to return your vehicle to you in the condition in which we received it or better. Should damage occur to your vehicle during an installation process, either due to  we cannot be held liable for amounts greater than the ACTUAL COST of the installation we are performing on your vehicle.

3. Package Discounts: If your refund request is a partial refund on a package, discounted, or otherwise below retail cost deal you will only be refunded up to the purchase price of items you have purchased from us if a refund is warranted. We often sell items at far below resale value, and to protect this value, we can only refund what you have paid as the SALE price for any given item. Refunds on packaged items will result in non-package pricing for the remainder of the invoice.

4. Items NOT RETURNED will NOT BE REFUNDED under any circumstances: If you are expressing dissatisfaction with the workmanship of an item WITHIN THE 7 DAY OR INITIAL return period, please be sure to RETURN the item for our inspection.  It is at the discretion of Image Chicks Custom Graphics Staff to either a) replace or b) refund the purchase price of the item being returned if the item is found to be defective.  If you do not return the item, do not expect a refund on the purchase price or a replacement based upon your complaint. If we replace the item and you fail to return the original, you are responsible for the price of both items.

5. Items not claimed: Our busy schedule and constant new customer load does not allow us to return to unfinished projects at a later date. Any invoice item not claimed or scheduled for production within 60 days of original purchase will be considered forfeit. Please make arrangements to close your invoices in a timely manner.

6. Changing your mind: Our work is custom in nature.  That means that there is little likelihood that we will be able to resell your products to another customer if you decide you don't want them.  You will receive a proof (image to review) of EVERY project.  This is your invitation to make any changes you would like BEFORE production begins.  Therefore, there are NO REFUNDS, RE-PRINTS, or FREE PRODUCTS for simply changing your mind.  Please be sure you want the product when you place an order with us. Please be sure that you've checked your proof carefully before authorizing production.  Refund requests unrelated to product or workmanship defect such as artwork complications will not be entertained.

7. Artwork: Our Artists work extremely hard for great rates.  If you return a physical product that we have designed for you and the return is accepted, artwork charges STILL APPLY and will NOT be refunded.  If you need to have the intellectual property rights for your art, including source, high resolution and digitizing files, please be aware that they will be sold separately from  the artwork design time required to create them as a finished product, as is customary in the graphic design industry.


Please let us know if you have ANY questions, and we'll do our best to help!


Ember R. Hulett, Owner

Last update: 1/6/2010